How to Intelligently Choose a Career

Choosing a career is one of the big decisions that many people make in their lifetimes. Everyone only has one life, so it is important to choose how to spend time on this earth the best way possible. Part of that decision deals with how we choose a career. Here are a few tips on how to choose a career.

First and foremost, any career that you choose should be one that you find interesting or enjoy. While this may sound trite, it is very important to like what you do. While money is important, once you have enough money to pay for the basic things in life, happiness becomes paramount. Because you will likely spend hours every day doing your job, it is imperative that you enjoy what you do.

If nothing jumps out at you as particularly enjoyable, you will need to investigate the options. A good way to start this process is by doing a personality test or inventory. Many of these tests will provide potential jobs to pursue. On top of this, reading a few books on possible careers is a worthwhile activity that will leave you will several ideas about possible careers.

Once you have this foundation, you will have a list of careers that interest you. To fairly and honestly figure out which ones you like, at the very least you should talk to people who work in each profession. When you do so, ask about what they do on a daily basis. Ask about what they like and dislike in their jobs. Of course, ask how many hours they work and if their work is high stress. Also do some research to find out what kind of income levels are available.

After you narrow down a list of careers to your top picks, make sure to take into account factors that are most important to you. Check to make sure that your job will offer you the finances that you think are necessary. Check to see if your job will require you to travel or not. Also, think about what amount of hours are the right fit for you. At the end of the day you will feel confident about your choice of careers and will be making an informed decision about your future.

Although this process may sound like a lot of work, it is much better to put the effort in up front and find a career that you like. By making the effort at the earliest possible time, you avoid pursuing a career that you ultimately find unsatisfying. It is very important to remember that working in a job is frequently quite different from taking classes about the job in school. Therefore talking to people in the relevant fields and doing some practical work will give you the best idea of what a career will really be like day in and day out. The most important thing is that you are honest with yourself at the end of the day and truly like what you do.