How to Choose a Career

Knowing how to choose a career is not easy, except for the lucky few, who seem to be born with a sense of vocation. If you are finishing college or contemplating a career change, you might be wondering “What career is right for me?” Here are some tips to help you find a career which fits your personality.

In his theory of career choice, John Holland divides the human race into 6 broad personality types and this is a useful starting point. But remember that you will probably fit into more than one of these and so you should look at jobs which combine your top two or three categories..

But before we look at the relevance of personality in some more detail , you should realize that building a career is an ongoing process. As your personality develops and you become more mature, you are also gaining different experience. So you may find that you change your ideas about the type of career you want. Always keep an open mind and be willing to make changes if things don’t work out as you had expected.

Your personality will play a role in the type of career you are suited to. If you are a sociable person you’ll enjoy working with people and if so, you should think about what type of people you prefer to work with and in what capacity. For example, you might want to work with sick children, as a doctor, nurse or play therapist or perhaps you want to work with healthy kids as a teacher or sports instructor.

Enterprising people are good at starting their own businesses. They can work on their own initiative, are prepared to work hard and to take risks. If tat sounds like you, self employment might be the answer.

If you are an artistic person, you will be naturally drawn to careers which express your talents. These could be in theatre, art, writing or painting. If your talents aren’t sufficiently developed to support a full time career, you could consider training or working in a job related to your artistic interests.

If you prefer structure and routine, more traditional jobs will suit you better and you may thrive in an office environment or any other type of job with regular hours and a predictable work schedule.